Thursday, 2 October 2014


We have many people in our life.Some we think are special,and for some we are special.
Some are friend,some are family,some are loved,some are hated, some are even envied,and some envy us ,some are at a level at which we ourselves feel confused to catogorize them.
But somewhere some how we all get replaced by some other person in someone's life.
For example:After along communication gap between u and your friends your place in their lives is taken by some other person and until you realize this thing its high time.(many of you will agree to this)Of course its not like you have got no place in their lives but YOU are replaced by some one else.
But some people in our lives are such that even if they are gone,they are out of our lives ,they are out of our sight but never out of our minds.That person can be anyone.Your well wisher,your friends, someone more than just a friend,your relatives anyone who has touched your soul,who taught you something,who made you see things differently(this is in my case,It can be different for others). These people are special and can never be replaced in our lives.
But  many times the irony of life is such that the person who can never be replaced from our lives have our replacements and we are easily replaced with someone else.And when that happens...(shouldn't really get into its outcomes).
The important part is if you have someone who can never be replaced please go and tell them what they mean to you.(As I said  it can be anyone). It will not only make them happy but will make your bond stronger  than it earlier was.

I have one such person for whom there is no replacement.
Do You??