Sunday, 9 November 2014

Diyas # 2

I know i have already posted a blog on this topic but that was really small and i found it a little immature.
So here's the revised and slightly  more thoughtful post...

As a flame of the small oil lamp spread light and take us out of darkness similarly many a times people in our lives acts as a lamp as a “Diya” too.As in whenever we are in darkness some people are the ones who give us light,who give us a right way to lead.
We have so many people in our life.Some we love ,some love us,some we care for,some care for us,some we hate,some who hate us.But sometimes some people are such who silently care  for us but never expect anything in return.Many a times they do not even show that they care or mask themselves as they do not care but in reality they do.Such people who do not care for themselves but care for our good will as the diya who burns itelf to give us light can be considered as “Diyas” in our lives.
We all have such a phase in our life where we feel defeated,lost ,useless.angry,deprssed and all the other word you can use to describe yourself in dark.Some would have experienced it already and some wouldn’t have.An
d every time there would be somebody who will bring out the light in  you our take you towards the light away from the darkness.It can be anyone.Your friends your family  your collegues your neighbours your well wishers anyone.Many a times peoplewe don’t even know can act as and ‘diya’in our life indirectly by what they do or how they act.It can be a begger from near by street or a rich person in the city.It can be a small bussiness man or a merchant or it can be an enterpreneur.They can be anyone celebrities ,sportspersons,artists anyone who have an influence in ou life or who canmake a difference in the way of ou thinking .That preson can be considered as a ‘diya’.
Now, for example , a“mother.”She is the one who is always striving to keep her kids, her family happy and away from troubles and darkness.She is the one making the biggest sacrifices,making the toughest decisions always bringing out the best in her to bring out the best in us.She is the one always standing with us no matter how difficult the situation is.And the biggest thing does not expect anything in return.Just love.And that’s not hard to give.Is it?
Another example can be our friends or better described as “amazing creatures” in our lives.They are the ones who we spend most of the times with.We laugh with them,we sometimes even cry with them,we make fun of them  and even listen to their funny comments on us.It is the most amazing and healthy relationship one can ever have in their lives.Most of the times our friends are our “partners in crime” but when they are not and we do something wrong we mess something up we get confused they are the ones who guide us show us the right path.They don’t even let us settle on the things or circumstances which is below our standard or which are less then what we deserve,but same time they bring us on earth if we fly too high un necesarrily.They are a constant ‘diya ’through out our life.
A small thing like showing how to solve a particular math problem to a friend is also an act of bringing light in darkness.Becaue when the similar problem is solved in the answer paper that smile and relief is only what the friend expects from you u in return.
Helping a blind man to cross te road,helping a aged woman carry her grocery bag to her house,helping the under previlaged children by at least taking them to the proper shelter home,visiting old age homes once a week,helping  the NGOs in their work whenever and how ever possible are also acts of becoming a diya in someones light.Becoming a diya doesn’t mean you  always have to help some depressed people to get back into their lives happy of course it is a part of it,but the above mentioned small small  things also gives them smiles and gives us their blessings which can really be helpful for us at some point of our lives.We should try to become such a person who will be remembered in someone’s prayers and not a part of someone’s curse.

We can become a ‘diya’ everyday in some or the other person’s life.It’s just up to us whether we wantto a “diya” that burns itelf without any expectations and giveslight for a longer time making the darkness beautiful or to become just a “cracker”who burns itself,surely makaes the darknesss beautiful for a few seconds and then its exitence is never remembered by anyone.