Sunday, 16 November 2014

Liebter Blog Award Nomination.

Okay, So finally some time to post a blog.
I wanted to write a post on the "Liebster Blog Award" from the day Sunhara Dii from fizzy sun nominated me for this award(Thank you for that dii),but I was a little confused about it so I gave myself a little time to think about it and clear the confusions (which again sunhara dii helped me)
and now here I am writing a blog about Liebter Award nominations.

Basically I have to tell 11 facts about myself answer 11 questions from the person who nominated me and ask 11 questions to my nominations.
So here we  go...

11 facts about me

  1.  I am really short tempered.
  2. I want to travel the world.
  3. I am studying Engineering Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication.
  4. I hate when someone (not close to me) comments about me or anything or anyone related to me.
  5. Grey's Anatomy is my most favourite show.
  6. I want to learn photography and own a professional camera.
  7. I have a bike (Suzuki Access 125) and I love going on a ride with my best friend.
  8. I love getting dressed up and looking pretty.
  9. I love writing and I dream of publishing a novel of my own.
  10. I failed my HSC Examinations.(Well,that's embarrassing)
  11. I am a classical dancer

Answers to Sunhara Dii's questions.

What is your go-to beauty product?
Mayabeline Kajal
What would be the colour, of the walls of your dream bedroom?
White and gold
Your favourite food item?
Choco shot cadbee
A brand you will always love?
Lakme and Maybeline
Who was your inspirational blogger (a blogger who inspired you to start your blog)?
Sunhara Dii from fizzysun
 Your first blog post was...
My First Blog
Favourite pair of shoes?
Catwalk Nude color platform heels and
Catwalk semi-ethnic bronze color heels.
Which song is playing on your i-pod right now?
"Manali Trance" from film" Shaukeens"
Favourite season?
Your childhood pet-name or nick-name?
Your dream job?
Hard to say.Not thought of it yet.

11 Questions for the nominations:

  1. Your favourite blogger?
  2. What do you do when you are totally alone and getting bored?
  3. Your cell phone brand?
  4. Where would your dream date be?(location)
  5. The best compliment you've heard for yourself?
  6. The most embarrassing moment in your life?
  7. Do you have any secret crush?
  8. You blog when you are...?(emotional,stressed,free,creative etc)
  9.  Your favourite blog post?
  10. One thing without which you do not go anywhere?  
  11. How did you start blogging?

My 11 nominations:

  1.  Sunhara from fizzysun 
  2. Nikita from Microsoft Student Associate
  3. Lisa Morris from Mix and pick
  4. Taylor k from Posh Polish Nails
  5. Mermaid of moorgate from Mermaid of moorgate 
  6. Natasha Smith from dolly bird Glam 
  7. Roxan from Rox 
  8. Veronica from Me,myself & I 
  9. Amy Marie from Style Storms 
  10.  Eliz Davis aka tatknot from Tatting
  11. Jeennifer Lauren from Jennifer Lauren Vintage 

That is it...
Let me know if you post about Liebster Blog Award I would love to read it.


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  1. Finally got around to doing it! (I've had a blog name change since) thanks so much, was tons of fun! Click here for the post