Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Well...exam time!

Well...its exam time for me and i am sure its d same  for every engineering student who is reading this post...
My mid semester exams r going on and i have already finished with 2 papers of mine...Well as usual maths was okay okay as its not a great friend of mine..But am glad that this semester would be the last semester to study mathematics.No more 'Xs &Ys' henceforth.Now I am studying for my next paper that is electrical engineering and that's kind of my "friendly" subject.
Well coming on the topic...
In these days i observed myself to be more passionate about studies(which was a pleasant shock to me) more eager to study and score good marks.Its not that it was a totally foreign feeling for me but then too i found it a little strange..I realized that I was studying for 5 to 6 hours at a stretch without even taking a break.I was never like that.May be that's what people call as "Engineering fever" or "Engineering keeda"(for those who dont know "keeda" means a bug).
That bug has bit me now I guess and frankly its a good feeling. Good studies leads to good grades. Good grades will lead to good placements and then a good life. That's what I feel now.
But knowing how I am and my mood swings I can surely say all these words are due to my "exam phase mood".(serious and concentrating).
Like these words from a student's mouth can only be heard during exam time.Effect of exam stress..:p
There is so much to do,so much to study,so.much to remember and so much to write and finally much time to wait for the results.
There are so many feelings flooding into our minds.
The pre exam studies stress. And when we get into the examination hall we nervously but eagerly wait for the question paper to be handed over to us. And once that question paper is in our hands we read that question paper so thoroughly like its the last thing on the earth to read.
And then we start writing our answers. Cool and calm in the beginning and as we approach the last hour of the exam we start writing as if there is some nitro booster fitted onto our hands..:D
The most funny sites can be seen during the exam from the people who are trying to seek help from there friends.(just a sofisticated way of saying "those who are trying to COPY").
Different signs and signals and sometimes even different languages can be seen in d examination rooms.
And those languages are mostly spoken by eyes and hands and fingers. :)
And the end is more dramatic.
One comes out witha smile on his face cz the paper went well ; while the other is upset and afraid that he's gonna fail in that paper. Some antiques are such that if there paper was a mess and their friend's went well they would blame their friends that they didnt help or why dis they study.
Some one comes out and thanks the friend for helping while the others are busy in discussing what answer should be written of what answer.
And the most amazing people who come out messing up their paper but are still smiling and laughing and hoping to pass into that examination. Hopes are the only things we students hold on to.Don't we.?
Well...THATS exam time...


  1. You have summed it all up perfectly. Like that..... different signs and signals and sometimes even different languages can be seen in the examination rooms.
    As for me I used to fare badly most of the times and I still have nightmares that I am at the examination hall and am totally blank.

  2. Damn these exams but kudos to your post :)