Wednesday, 3 December 2014


I am so happy i am finally free to post something on my blog.
Finally my mid term exams are over and now i have holidays fo 8 days.
And another reason for me to be happy is that my blog's pageviews have crossed 550 pageviews in less than 2 months of time span. (This is an Omg moment for me).Thank you all for your support and feedback.
Okay now as i said my exams are over and i finally  have some free time i decided to hit the book store and buy aone books.
As everytime i go there i have the same reaction after seeing those stacked books everywhere."ohh!! I can spend the whole day here!"
I never like to read sci-fi books or books with conten that is hard to believe or something that can never happen in anyone's life. It makes me feel sick and bore.
So i decided to look for some books that i could relate with. So i searched and i bought
1. Happy Birthday
2. Big Girl
3. Dating Game
All the above three by Daniele Steel
4. The fault in our stars
   By John Green
5. Wish upon a star
    By Martina Reilly
I bought Danielle steel's books because i have read some of her writing before from her books SISTERS, THE HOUSE and MIXED BLESSINGS..
All those books are fictional but the characters are some what like us or people we know or people around us.
The story line and the characters are reasonable believable relative and heart touching.
Her writings have always given me a message or indirectly given me a way to solve many of my problems.

I like to read what relates to me and to what i can relate to.
And Danielle Steel's books do the same.
Wooh! 5 books will be more than enough for the next 6 months to keep me busy in my free time.
I have started reading the Big Girl by Danielle Steel.
It is a story of a girl Victoria Dawson. Daughter of a picture-perfect parents who never feels pretty enough to meet their expectations. But when her parents give birth to her baby sister Gracie who is finally a picture perfect daughter of her parents whom she can't help but adore.

Victoria moves to New york to find her identity,full fill her dreams and escape her family.
This story is about her struggle to find a life far from the hurt and neglect of her childhood,the courage to find freedom and become who she really is.
Sounds interesting and reasonable.Doesn't it?
I will b posting more about this book as i find out by further reading it and also about the other books i have bought.
Mean time if anyone has read any of the above mentioned book please let me know what were your experiences about the books.
And any suggestions and recommendations of the books you have read are always welcome..

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