Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Rules to set the rules... its been a long time i hav posted anything and i feel terrible about it...

So first of all i wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and hope that this year would b full of happiness and surprises for you.

So now that its a start of a new year the first thing that comes to my mind is A NEW YEAR RESOLUTION.(may be its a little late for that..but anyways....'i dont consider it as a morning till i wake up..'..;)

The answers may differ from person to person.
Some may say it is a rule,some may say its a illustion, some may say its stupidity,some may really be intrested in making resolutions and following it  and some may really say that "resolutions are meant to be broken".ugh..

Resolution is simply a task we assign ouselves for the entire year expecting the outcome to be in our favour.
Its a rule that we wish to follow for the whole year and bring a change in something or someone and make a difference.

Following a reaolution is like being committed in a relationship to an imaginary person. Commitement really matters.

But many a times these reaolutions are broken,forgotten,ignored,avoided and mostly taken granted for. And at the end of the year, on d eve of the next year we wonder "what was my resolution last year anyway?"

So i say why to just load ourselves with the rules that we cannot follow easily? Why dont we just start with a simple resolution ?A simple commitement to ourselves about something that we really wish to happen. That would be a lot easier to follow wouldnt it?
So i thought and sketched some guidelines or may be rules to MAKE A RESOLUTION..
(Rules to make rules....doesnt it sound good..;)

So here we go..
1. Remember a RESOLUTION should be simple and easy for you to follow. Its a start once you are used to it go ahead and make bigger resolutions.

2. You are making a resolution for youself not for others. So dont expect the world to act according to your set rules. YOU follow it first.

3. Think! Think about what you want to make a resolution for. It can be anything. A simple thing like "i want to loose atleast 2 kgs of weight in a month"is also fine.

4. Set your mind accordingly. Set some guidelines for yourself and follow them. Remember dont be harsh on youself unnecessarily.

5. Share it with someone. Someone private. Your person. So that if you forget or try to avoid he/she will remind you.

6. Be respectful to yourself. Don't unnecessarily make a resolution thats not worth a bit of you. That wont help at all.

7. Make a resolution that would bring a change. Not only in you but also arround you. But remember 'it has to make a difference to you first' so that you can bring a change around you.

8. Last but definitely bot the least. Dont let go and disappointe yourself.

Once you follow your small little resolution to start with and achieve whatever target you had set,that would inspire you to make resolutions every coming day.


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