Thursday, 26 February 2015

Faux fish tail braid..

Well...this post is a fashion post..
A nice,easy a lil shabby,and a quick hair braid.
I just saw a video about this hairstyle and decided to try it on my hair.
Its quiet simple.
Take all of  your hair on one side.(i took the hair on right side its comfortable to me. You can take on whichever side you want to)
Step 2.
From the back of the hair on your chin level put your thumb and the index finger in side the hair such that you make two sections of that hair.(keep it in mind do not separate those sections with your fingers )
Step 3.
Take the remaining length of your hair and flip it over ,catch with your thumb and index finger and stretch it down to the other side. Just like a knot.
That's it.
Repeat this to make it look like a fish tail braid.

Secure your braid with an elastic at the end. Even if you don't use an elastic it will be secured because it is a kind of knot we tie.

If you have your front hair short you can pin it up to either side or just a simple puff will also look cool..

Tip:keep the hair loose...
That brings the real beauty to this braid..

For those who love to keep their hair open and then get bored of it(just like me). Its a life saver.

Its awesome,simple,stylish and quick to do.

You can even tie this braid without using a comb and hair pins and other hair accessories.

Happy braiding...:)

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