Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentine's Gift for Him

Well,its not that girls only ACCEPT gifts.They also GIFT gifts.

So here are some trendy ideas for girls to gift something fabulous and touching to your Love of your life.
Keep the same things in mind that I posted for boys to be careful about.
You can check that out in the sections like TIPS,SOME OTHER IDEAS and  DATING LOCATIONS in my previous blog post.
Check it out here.

Well before turning to the gift list here's somethings you should never do before selecting gifts for him
1.Don't go too emotional or too girly while selecting a gift for him.(For example not every guy likes scarp books.)
2.Don't scare him off  with too committing gifts.(if you are still in the early stages of your relationship)
 3.You know your guy better than anyone else.Keep his likes and dislikes in mind.Don't copy anyone.

So here we go.
 Let's start with some common gifts first.

That's the most common gift a girl gifts her guy.
But still you can do slight variations in it.
Like customize it by putting your photograph inside the glass on the dial.
Even your couple photograph can be a great idea.

2.Couple watches.
Couple watches are also common but still unique.
Who wouldn't mind sharing their time with their love.#wink#wink
You can further customize it with automatic sensors which would contact your partner on a push of a button.
Well that's obviously costly and you will need to research on it.

3.Wallets and Shades.
Well that's another common but useful gift.
If you are going to buy shades for him you have to keep 2 thing in mind.
a.Choose the size and shape of the glasses according to hi face cut.(You dont want him to look like a total idiot wearing large glasses.)  
 b.Choose the color of the glasses according to his face tone.
Well,which girl wouldn't want her man to look trendy wearing her gifted shades.#love face

Wallets:Well just keep in mind about the quality of the leather of the wallet.

Well there's another common gift for him.
But stylish clothes are a necessity now a days.It's important for everyone to look presentable.So why not.
Firstly be clear about What you want to buy.
A couple of formal shirts,t-shirts,trousers,jeans,jackets(my personal choice would definitely be jackets).
Decide if you wanna go with formal or informal.
Other thing is the patterns or prints.Checked,lined,plain etc.And mot importantly colors.Choose color according to his likes and body tones.

5.Books and diaries
Books can be of great use to everybody.Just keep the choice of the genre in mind.
Buy book of the genre he likes.Thriller,love stories,mysteries,spiritual,biographies,suspense-thrillers,sports related etc.
Diaries:Some people like to write their feelings,thoughts,views,goal,daily life experiences etc.
Why not gift a diary to him if he has a habit of writing or likes writing?

6.Electronic gadgets.
Well,these are quite costly.But if you earn and are willing to gift him some cell phone,tablet or a ps then why not?
After all these can be considered "the second love of his life".(The first is of course YOU)#wink

7.Limited editions
Well now these may cost you a fortune but again if you are earning and willing to gift him some limited edition thing then why not?
Limited edition watches,clothes,books,antiques,games,accessories etc are a great option.
Those will be limited edition that means not everyone would buy those.They wouldn't be common and being common is out of trends you see.#wink

8.Antiques and hobbies.
Some people have a hobby of collecting antiques.
This is also a great option.
Well,apart from antiques some people have an interest in collecting things.Like one of friends like collecting Knives.So gift him a addition to his collection.

Yep,I know .Shopping is every girl's favourite hobby.
But c'mon take him for shopping with you for ACTUALLY shopping for himself rather then picking up your shopping bags or paying your bills.#wink
They deserve it.(At least on Valentine's.#hehe)

10.Walk and long drives.
Okay,again guys take us for walks and long drives.
But we can too.
A walk on wet sandy beach combined with street food is way better then dancing in a crowd of people in a pub of disco.
(Again depends on your choice and his.Discos and pubs are not bad ideas at all.)

It is often said that "Way to a man's heart is through his stomach"
Cook his favourite food for him.He sure will be surprised and over whelmed.
Give romantic side to your food by making hearts on your serving plates or something.
Arrange some candles and make it a candle light dinner.
Surely your efforts will be appreciated by him.

Tattoo his name or a small quote dedicated to him or simply "I Love You" on your back,neck,shoulder,wrist etc.
Share same tattoo designs on your hands or wrists or something.
(ps:Go for this idea only and only if you have a lot of faith in your relationship.After effects can be painful.If you know what i mean.Sorry to sound rude)

Last but not the least.
There is no greater gift than a COMMITMENT you can give anyone.
Commitment brings a sense of security and trust in your relationship.Love blossoms due to commitments.Gifts are just a token of love but commitment is a symbol of love.
 14.My personal favourite.
Here's a secret.
I have always had this list of things or say qualities I would like my "boyfriend"to have.And that list includes that my "would be boyfriend"should know how to play a Guitar.
I always have had a wish to learn to play Guitar and i would soon be buying a Guitar.#yeeii
Well coming back to the topic.
I would gift a custom made "Plectrum"(Its a small chip like thing used to play a Guitar)
A Plectrum having my name printed on it or say a photograph or the couple photograph or omething else related to me.That would always make him remember me whenever he would play with it.
Frankly,I don't even know if such kind of thing is possible or no as that plectrum is really small and thin.But c'mon what's not possible in today's world.#wink
( May be I would even gift a whole Guitar printed with my photographs on it if that's possible#hehe)

 That was my unique or say "mad gift idea" for valentine's.
Think something like that for your valentine too.

Before gifting anything to him just remember that gift should represent YOU and Your Relationship.
Give it a touch of YOU.
Material gifts don't matter if there are no feelings attached to it.



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