Sunday, 8 February 2015

Valentine's Gifts for HER

The valentine's week has already started from the 7th of Feb and I can surely say that
So,as we say VALENTINE'S DAY one thing that first come in our minds(after our love valentine's name of course)is GIFT for our valentine on the 14th of the month.
I was just surfing the net and i found some gift options to share.
These gifts are from online shopping websites in India and I found them to be reasonable at rates and some really pretty.

It's always really confusing for the boys tofind a really pretty gift for their girlfriends without a big pinch to their pockets#wink#wink.
I hope this post helps you to choose a perfect gift for your LOVE.

Now before selecting gifts for your valentine there are some rules that should be kept in mind.
1)Buy a gift according to the likes and dislikes.Do not buy according to your choice.
2)Keep it mind that you don't hurt her sentiments.You don't want to ruin your valentine's day.(like for example you thought your partner needs a fitness regime and you gift her accordingly.Well Well you will be understood to be calling your partner FAT..That's not what you want on valentine's day.)
3)Do not ever pass on your old  gifts to your valentine.That's gross.
4)Do not ever consult your friends for suggestions on gifts for your valentine.It's for your valentine not their's.
5)Do not go over the top for gifts.Remember Beauty is in Simplicity.
6)Remember emotions behind the  gift matters not price.
7)Red Roses are a life saver.In case your choice of gift goes wrong red roses always work.#wink#wink

Here are some valentine's day gifts i liked on online shopping websites.
This blog is just for some gift ideas which can be in your budget and would not give that much of a pinch to your pocket.
HERE WE GO:......
1.Valentine's Day Cushion.
I saw this online and I instantly fell in love with it.And best thing about it was its price.

I found these on Flipkart.
There are other options too.You should check it out.

2.This was other gift i absolutely loved.
Girls love jewellery so boys better look at this.

Available on Flipkart

Crunchy fashion alloy bracelet.

Price:Rs 249

3. Rings are an important and most love related gift anyone can gift their partner.
They are supposed to be a symbol of commitment.
For those who are tight on budget but still want to show love and commitment check this out.
Peora Silver Ring

4.Talking about rings.
Couple rings are always my "DREAM GIFT"
Check it out.

Ziveg95 Sterling Silver Ring

Check it out on Snapdeal

Price:Rs 4699

5.My personal favourite and in trend nowadays.
Crunchy Fashion Black Drops

Crunchy Fashion Black Drops

Check on Flipkart
Price Rs 349

6.A little childish gift (my another favourite)
Its okay to be childish sometimes.But its lovely.
Other soft toys can also be a great idea to gift you girlfriend.Girls love soft toys.Trust me.#wink

Tickles heart

Checkout on Flipkart

Price Rs299

7.Various Valentine's combos are also available in different ranges.
valentine's combo

check on Flipkart
Price Rs1334

8.Cups and mugs
Check on Flipkart

Price Rs149

Here is a list of some common gifts that you can gift to your girl and make her feel special.
Do not forget to give your gift a personal touch and make it unique.

1. Combine you gift with chocolates and roses.
2.Select a gift that would make you relieve your memories.
3.Give your girl's favourite perfume fragnance to your gifts.Sprinkle some on your gifts.
4.Write a sweet note with your gift.
5.Girls love jewellery.May it be of any kind.

Some other options :
1.Personalized t-shirts,mugs,pillows,bags etc can be one of the good gift list.
2.Chocolates are always a life saver.
3.Scrap book will always help you relieve you memories.
4.Play her favourite song,play a video made of her photographs.It will really make her feel special.
5.Combine all her favourite songs and gift her.That would make her realise you know her likings.
6.Gift her favourite brand of clothes or cosmetics.
7.Sometimes gifting a small little Show piece or antique pieces are also a great idea.
8.Take her for shopping.
9,Take her to her favourite actor's movie in a theatre. 
10.Buy her favourite writer's book.

Dating location ideas.
1.Take your girl to the place whee you first met her , or proposed her.
2.To a hill station.
3.To her favourite restaurant.
4.Date on the beach is also a romantic idea.
5.Your own house, her favourite movie and a bag of pop corns is also an ideal date.
6.Take her on a long drive.
7.if she loves adventure.Take her to a adventurous ride.May be for river rafting or hill climbing,trekking etc.

I hope all these above ideas helped you more to choose a perfect gift,dating location and make your valentines day more special.
Remember whatever you gift her should make her feel specia.




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