Wednesday, 4 March 2015


I admit..I am obsessed with blogging and designing my blog.
Every time I do some changes to my blog's layout or template or change my background image or font color or header or add a new gadget it just doesn't seem enough to me.
I keep on thinking about new ideas to make my blog look more attractive and interesting.
And every time I feel like I lack something.

Well, this time I redesigned  my blog and added a gadget named "Polls"
As my blog is about feelings and literature and some emotional stuff and all I decided that my first poll should be a basic question about feelings.
So my first poll question is "Should feelings about anyone or anything be hidden?"
I hope that you all who are reading this blog post would check out the poll at the end of the page and answer what you feel.
If I get a good feedback and response to the polls (which I really hope I would) I would post more polls.#smile

Well..In the mean time i am still searching new backgrounds and other changes to make my blog look more beautiful.
I would appreciate your help and your ideas about designing the blog or how you made your  blog look adorable#needhelp

Don't forget to take a look at the polls.At the end of the page.

Happy reading :)

This is how I look when I am engrossed in designing.

(Image:Google images)


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