Sunday, 1 March 2015

Oh!wait. Isn't it suppoed to be Summer?

Is it June already?Or was  I sleeping for the rest of the months?
I definitely wasn't.
The reason behind this "statement" of mine is the unexpected rains in Palghar (where I live.A town near Mumbai,Maharashtra,India) and the other surrounding cities and towns.
It's on the western coast of India.

Well coming to the topic it's the start of march and it is supposed to be the start of the Summer season..But,here the actual scenario is a little different.


Raining?In the month of march?Yes,it is!

The difference in the weather started since yesterday.Like cool breezes blowing (who wouldn't want cold breeze while it's steamy hot environment),sun playing hide and seek,(Famous Hindi quote "Kabhi Dhoop Kabhi Chav"fits perfectly here.). And this is going on since yesterday and as I am writing this blog  the rains have stopped but the "hide and seek"is still going on.#wink

 While it was raining I decided to go on a bike ride with my best friend J around the town.And trust me it was so much fun.We thought the streets would be empty because of the rains but to our surprise there were a lot of people out on the streets enjoying the unexpected shower.(I am saying "shower"because we passed a bungalow on the way and we saw a group kids literally "bathing"out in their compounds)
I wish I would have carried my camera with me to click some pictures and share those innocent laughs,smiles and the fun they were having with you all through the pictures.Anyways,next time probably.

The scenes across the town were funny.
Some people were walking and enjoying the rains while some were running to seek shelter.
Some were on the bike enjoying with their friends,while some were in a hurry to reach home.
The vegetable vendors besides the streets were sitting with a plastic bag on their heads while their grocery was being wet in rain.(Those vegetables suddenly looked appealing to me because of their their fresh green color.)Just so that you know I am not a great fan of  vegetables so I controlled my emotions because I knew I am not going to eat them even if I buy some of those.#tongue
We passed the fish market and we saw the fish selling ladies sitting in a shed(like 8 to 9 ladies)chatting about something and all their fish was getting wet in the rain.
And my best friend J commented"Ye macchchi kahi waspas zinda na ho jaye."(Meaning:Hope this fish will not become alive again.)And I was like rolling our eyes and laughing at the same time on the stupid sense of humor.

The streets were real muddy and slippery.
We were crossing a usually crowded road and we saw a bike that slipped and fell.And we both girls were like WTF!The most funny thing after that accident was that the people helped him get up and pick up his bike and scolded him to a limit.(Obviously,I mean which idiot would drive his bike zig and zag on such a slippery road?) The best comment I heard from a local vegetable vendor sitting their was "Aa jaate hai roz heropanti karne aur girte hai. (Meaning:These is a everyday scene where these people try and show off and meet an accident.)We were glad we had to wait on the street because of that minor accident and a load of people.At least we were enjoying the comments.Who knows what happened to the biker?#wink#tongue#bigsmile

It was a romantic weather for the couples for sure.
We saw many couples roaming around in their cars and bikes and enjoying this romantic weather.
We both being SINGLE girls surely were in thoughts like "......."You know what I wanted to say right?#wink 

We had a lot of fun,giggles and laughs during the ride.Saw how the whole town looks while unexpected things happen and had some amazing laughs and gossips.But I missed my camera.Two selfieholic people out without a camera is a big achievement for us.#hehe#wink

But we did click some pictures after we returned home.Selfies of course and some nature pics.

 Check It Out!
This is the before rains sky.So clear

This atmosphere was since morning.
It was quite cool and breezy.
A perfect scenery

 A perfect scenery.

This is my favorite picture.
The sun's rays out of clouds.
Like the sun's rays are peeping out from a window of clouds.

Lovely photographs.
I would like to especially thank my friend Jaya for sharing this with me.
Love you babes. 
This is just after it stopped raining.

water logging

 We (Me and the other kids of my building)blocked the terrace holes and logged the water.
Well it was quite dirty but "Dirty was Fun"#wink

Add caption

My Rose plants having fun in the rain.  
They would be glad too to experience cold rainfall instead of the hot summer.

I love the water droplets on the flower.
It enhances the beauty.
So beautiful.

A huge Mango tree in my society garden
You can see the small raw mangoes in the pic.

I really hope it doesn't rain any more.Because if it does the mango trees would surely rot and there would be no mangoes in the market this season.#sadface.

This unexpected rain in the month of march but we need summer too.
It's like "Summer ki to baat hi alag hai!"

And now a little environment related talk.These unexpected rains are not a good sign.The change in the season cycle can be dangerous.We need to take some measures to prevent these harmful changes.
And everyone is smart enough to know what measures are needed to be taken.
"Go Green" people.

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