Monday, 27 April 2015


And finally some time for posting a blog!!
I have just finished my fourth semester exam for my diploma in engineering and I am definitely relaxed and incredibly happy.(INCREDIBLY because I won't have to study at least fora month or two on account of my vacations.)Yeiiyy So happy!

This post is just an update about what's happening inmy life which is notmuch.
I am just considering my different options to spend my holidays.
I am going on a trip to a wildlife sanctuary to Bandhavgad (Madhya Prades,India) but that's inlast week of May so there's a lot to of time to time to procrastinate.

I am thinking to buying a Guitar and successfully convinced my mother to buy me one.Another Yeiiyy moment for me.
Well,she is on the other hand trying to convince me to join cooking or embroidery classes for my vacation.
I mean cooking is OKAY!

Well that's all for today and I will post another blog on my new Guitar when I buy one.(hopefully)
Cya till then.

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  1. Hope to hear some good music from that Guitar :-)