Friday, 1 January 2016

A 365 pages blank book..!!

"We will open the book. It's pages are blank.we are going to put words on them by ourselves. The book is called opportunity and it's first chapter is New Year's Day."
                  -Edith Pierce

I came across this short quote while scrolling through my instagram. And it immediately took over my mind that this short assembly of words is so meaningful and so very true. We often say that "Life is a book" and we are the writers. Everyday is a new chapter and everyone you meet is a new character.

Some people belive in destiny. They believe that whatever happens is already written somewhere by the almighty. Some people believe in "deeds". They believe that their life is written according to the things they do. In fact practically we write each and everything happening in our life. By that I mean many people have a habbit of writing a diary. (See!! We literally make our own life a book.)Some say whatever you do, good or bad it's all written up there. The super power keeps the record of everything that's going on in each and everyone's life.(I wonder how big and fat that book would be.)#hehe

Important is what we write in that book. What do we do in our life. What do we gain, what do we loose. How selfless we are, how selfish we behave. whether we stay happy or whether we hurt people.  How much we establish and how much more do we crave for.

A book turns out to be good or bad according to it's writer's imaginations. Similarly our life will turn out to be worthy or not according to what we decide for ourselves. What do we aim for ourselves and what do we wish to do with our life.
So make sure your book turns out to be great and start writing on it from the first day of the new year itself.

After all the first chapter of the book makes people wonder what's gonna happen next. And that next is expected to bw wonderful.
Make your book a bestseller peeps...!!
Happy New year 2016..!!

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