Sunday, 19 June 2016

That June day...!!

Its 20th of june and the time when all the schools reopen. Almost all school reopen in the mid june. And every year in the mid june I miss my 'first day at school' after the vacations. Dressing up in the school uniform, tieing my hair in two braids, tieing the knot of the neck tie while leaving the house early in the morning, taking my bicycle and travelling to school with friends. I miss all this in the month of June. I miss the excitement of meeting all the school friends, deciding which bench to sit on, who would sit behind, who in front, cracking jokes on teachers on the very first day and lots of amazingly entertaining stuff.
But apart from all these, I miss my school shopping. Shopping of new stationary, new backpack, water bottles, shoes, uniforms and so many things. That was my favourite part of june.
Apart from missing the school and school shopping, I miss the rains of June. The smell of the wet soil. The joy of watching the rainfall from the classroom windows, getting wet in rain while going or coming back from school, purposely not wearing rain coats while coming back from school from school while it's raining. Showing off brand new stylish rainy shoes and rain coats. It all used to be fun.
I mean its still fun. Like hanging out with friends, travelling in rains, watching people get wet, never ending laughs and jokes and gossips. But as everyone may feel school days are the best days.
That day of the school reopening, that day of meeting friends, that day of rains.That day of June will always be evergreen in every childs mind.

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