Saturday, 3 September 2016

The First Visit..!!

Anything that we are going to do for the first time is always a little intimidating.
All the "first times" are always scary for me. When you dont know whats going to be coming your way, when yu already have expectations and assumptions about something in your mind. And you are scared if those assumptions will remain assumptions or turn into reality.

Something like this happened to me last week when I was visiting my would be College of Engineering for the next three years. The college was selected by the online process from the list of nineteen colleges of my choice. To my disappointement I did not get the college I had always wanted to study in. But I was okay with it I guess.
I decided to go visit the college. I had visited the college's official website, seen all the pictures they had on the website and those were quite impressive. I thought virtually looks good, let's hope its the real virtual image.
To my wonder when I actually reached the college campus it was quite the same as the pictures I had seen. That was quite a moment for me.
I saw the campus, checked out the canteen which is named as 'Literati Cafe'and the name made me smile.
I felt I would be quite comfortable in this college as it was just three years to be spent.
Yes, I would miss my old college campus, my friends there, the canteen where we spent our free time and made lots of memories. Obviously I would miss T as he would be around a 500km away studying in the other college making new friends and memories.
But as we all know "Change is the essence of life" and you have to adjust with the changes.
The first visit was quite okay now let's hope the first day would also be okay.

As I said "The first times are always intimidating".

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