Friday, 3 February 2017

Attitude is everything

Heya people!
Have been writing after a long time. Was quite busy.  Or rather was not totally in a mood to write i guess. 
You may hav read the blog that I posted on 'My first visit'to my new college. how exciting as well as intimidating it was for me. "Firsts are always intimidating " thats what I always feel. 
Well the story goes, I took admission in the same engineering college for my degree course. There had been a massive delay in joining the college due to admission procedure being long and time consuming. Never the less I joined ,attended classes, met new people, made new friends and everything was fine.  But still there was that emptiness somewhere in my mind that I was unable to fill. Being away from my clan was somewhat disturbing me. The first semester went by just like wind.. Fast and just with a touch of it which ia sometimes recognized and many a times ignored. 
I went on a trip to the north India with my now "old friends ".
My clan as I call them.My people. 

Those 10 days were the most amazing days I hav ever spent with anyone. We all had that 'yeh jawani hai deewani'fun.  Like literally. We all are filmy asses. Music ,dance ,masti, romance some what and a crazy winter. 
After coming back I had to join my classes again and I was fine with it. Still having that anxiety of being away from my people I commenced the classes again.  I found myself upset,  disturbed,sad even. And I failed miserably to tackle all these feelings. I cried myself to sleep and I fought with people on very small little things. 
I stayed away from now "my new friends ".I thought I didn't like them. They were not meant to be my friends, I was not meant to be with those people, at that particular place and time.  I wanted to run away. 
I told my mom every thing. And as always my super woman was to my rescue.  She told me only one simple thing.One simple statement. "ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING "

The outcome of a particular situation depends upon the attitude by which you approach it. What ever  you do if you do it with a right attitude the result will always be in your favour. 
Good or bad tackle a particular situation with a positive attitude. 
Optimism is always rewarding.
And pessimism is always demanding.
It will demand from you your positive energy and channel it into doing or thinking negative.
It will take away the charm from your life and leave you isolated and proudy some times. 

I approached my new college and my new friends with positivity.  I allowed myself to be frank with them, to accept their flaws, their personalities and expected them to do the same. I talked to them about myself and my life outside the campus and they did the same. 
Communication was the key here. 
I found myself to be back to normal. I missed my old friends less and started spending time with the new ones. 
I found that it was not that bad as I had imagined my life with the new people to be. The change was good. And it all happened because of the positive attitude. 
Practice positivity for yourself and for others. As I said it will always be rewarding. 
If I would have kept crying and complaining about everything, it would have given nothing but stress, sadness, irritation to me ans to the people around me. 
Who wants that, right? 
Happiness is what everyone wants.

Keep a positive attitude and sail the ship called life.  

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