Saturday, 4 February 2017

The Morning Walk..!!

I live in Mumbai. And a daily "morning walk" is a habit of thousands and thousands of people living in Mumbai. Some do it to stay fit (obviously) with a lot of determination, some to loose weight, some just to breathe in the fresh air of the morning. Some walk on the beaches to experience the serenity and peace the morning waves offer, some accompany their friends and get a "morning walk" just for a namesake, some people(mostly women) walk from home to the bus stop to drop their kids. Some take a walk just to kill the time and their loneliness. Some go on a morning walk just to cross paths with the person they have a crush on and if they get a smile from that person in return; well, then who would ask for a better morning walk. (I have seen this happening myself)
Each and every persons morning is different in every aspect. Some people set alarms, get up, get ready and walk towards their respective destinations like schools, colleges, workplaces etc.

Just like the thousands of other Mumbaikars, I also take "The Morning Walk". But my morning walk is a bit different and includes a train and a bus ride in it.(Hardly a "walk". haha)  Just like I said people walk to their respective destinations, I also take a walk to my college. 

My morning walk starts at 6 A.M. I get out and down my warm and cozy apartment into the cold winter morning. As it is winter the sun rises late and it's quite dark when I leave home. I walk towards the railway station and I everyday notice the same people. People like me walking towards the station, some kids walking towards school, some people in the nearby dairy to buy milk and stuff, some hawkers who are sweeping their places of stalls, some random guys jogging, the same old uncle buying the newspaper, a group of old aunties chatting and buying fresh vegetables from the market. Almost everyone busy in their own chores. Further, I take a 1 hour train ride to another station. And that one hour does not include in "The Morning Walk" because most of the time I sleep. 

I get down at the railway station from which I have to take another half n hour bus ride to my college. The walk from the station to the bus stop is the time that I totally spend with myself. Enormous thoughts travelling through my mind, some about myself while some about the people in my life. Actually the people like me take a walk just to THINK. I think a lot while I am walking. Well, keeping that aside apart from thinking while walking, I observe the surrounding and the people.
It's fascinating to see how different people have different things to do which are usual to them but different for the others watching them.

My walk includes seeing people to board the local trains, the hustle that covers the whole platform, large number of people standing on the station waiting for their respective trains to arrive. Sometimes those people look like ants when seen from a distance. Again, many aunties who "walk and talk" within their groups. Sometimes I wonder what do these ladies talk about? What do they have so much to chat about? We youngsters are so indulged in virtual reality that we have almost forgot how to chat to a person in reality.  Watching those old ladies always brings a smile on my face thinking that they have real friends and not a friend list on social networking sites.
I see students of the nearby college who are waiting for their other friends to arrive. And playing online games because the area offers free Wifi. As I said, more involved in virtual reality rather then the reality.

My most refreshing moment is the one when I pass through a flower shop. The time when I pass from the shop is the time when the dealer brings bundles and bundles of fresh red Roses, orchids, Gerbera, White, yellow, pink and my most favourite orange Roses. the fresh green moss. the green mimosa, the filler flowers all of which are used to add more beauty to the bouquets of amazingly fresh and pretty flowers. All of this just refreshes my mind. Sometimes I feel to go and touch those flowers and just hug them I guess. It fills my mind with joy and happiness and a simple thought that crosses my mind everyday. These little flowers look pretty while the are not plucked from its plant, after that when they are transported from the garden to the shop, the sight of such pretty flowers brings a smile on many people's faces like me. After they are put with other flowers in a bouquet, the bring smile on the buyer's and the receiver's face. They spread love and positivity. Just like those flowers even a human should spread live and positivity where ever he or she goes. Whats more to ask and get from life.

The newspaper boy loading stacks of newspapers on the back of his bicycle, students walking to school and their enchanting laughter that could be heard at least half a kilo meter away, vegetable sellers selling the fresh vegetables and sometimes even arguing withe the local ladies. Even those arguments are funny sometimes.
My everyday walk includes many such small things happening around me and giving some or the other message or lesson to the man kind. It not only exercises my body but also my brain.

Stay fit. Stay healthy. And take "The Morning Walk" everyday.


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